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NameUdemy - Build Web Apps using EmberJS. The Comnplete Course
Size1.21 GB (1295609661 Bytes)
Uploaded 2017-01-11 20:51:59 UTC
Info HashF795D1FAF4E58614BC495D29E158F4080286881A

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Last scrape at 2017-01-19 19:58:59.


Torrent Files

01 Introduction/001 Introduction.mp46.75 MB
02 Getting Started With Ember/002 Chapter Intro.mp42.3 MB
02 Getting Started With Ember/003 An Overview of Ember.mp424.96 MB
02 Getting Started With Ember/004 Node.js Environment Setup.mp427.42 MB
02 Getting Started With Ember/005 Ember-cli Creating an App.mp445.96 MB
03 Routing With Ember/006 Chapter Intro.mp42.7 MB
03 Routing With Ember/007 Routing With Ember.mp426.79 MB
03 Routing With Ember/008 Creating Routes Templates.mp460.83 MB
03 Routing With Ember/009 Linking Routes Layouts.mp482.51 MB
04 Templates Controllers/010 Chapter Intro.mp42.4 MB
04 Templates Controllers/011 Handlebars Overview.mp417.48 MB
04 Templates Controllers/012 Controllers Data Binding.mp446.81 MB
04 Templates Controllers/013 Controllers Actions.mp457.07 MB
04 Templates Controllers/014 Writing Helpers.mp448.54 MB
05 Models Data/015 Chapter Intro.mp43.4 MB
05 Models Data/016 Models Overview.mp443.41 MB
05 Models Data/017 Getting Data From Simple Models.mp474.77 MB
05 Models Data/018 Using The Ember Data Library.mp442.55 MB
05 Models Data/019 Creating a Record.mp447.77 MB
05 Models Data/020 Updating Deleting Records.mp466.22 MB
05 Models Data/021 Implementing a Database.mp439.42 MB
06 Components/022 Chapter Intro.mp42.48 MB
06 Components/023 Components Overview.mp428.07 MB
06 Components/024 Creating a Simple Component.mp458.04 MB
06 Components/025 Github Repos Component.mp483.76 MB
07 Todolist Application/026 Project Intro.mp410.0 MB
07 Todolist Application/027 Dependency Resource Setup.mp460.13 MB
07 Todolist Application/028 Database, Model Create Todo.mp460.73 MB
07 Todolist Application/029 Fetch, Sort Filter Todos.mp487.82 MB
07 Todolist Application/030 Update Delete Todos.mp468.76 MB
08 Summary/031 Summary.mp45.73 MB